Hi I'm Max! I write and make stuff.
(click here for my bio) Maxwell Neely-Cohen is a writer, coder, musician, and dancer based in New York City. He is the author of the novel Echo of the Boom. His nonfiction and essays have been featured in places like The New Republic, SSENSE, and BOMB Magazine. From 2018-2021, he was Editor-At-Large for The Believer. His experiments with technology, video games, and performance have been acclaimed by The New York Times Magazine, Frieze, and The Financial Times. He is the Publisher of thehtml.review
(click here for some of what I've been up to)
Books and Publishing the html review, a journal of literature made for the web

Echo of the Boom (2014) bookshop.org / barnes and noble / amazon
Essays and Non-Fiction Our Symphony for the Are.na Annual 2023

"Sacrificio" for BOMB

All Under One Roof for Ssense

Color Story: Terminal Green for Ssense

The Chromatic Trip for BOMB

The Life and Death of LOVE Park for Buzzfeed READER

NBA Twitter is Changing the Way We Watch Sports for The New Republic

A Most Curious Black Hole for Unwinnable

Brand Anorexia for Los Angeles Review of Books

Everybody's Doing It for The New Inquiry
Video Games Street Writer, a literary homage to Street Fighter II

Chaos Grants, spontaneous micro-grants for indie game devs

        -In-Residency, helped found a residency at Babycastles

There Came An Echo, Executive Producer for a game controlled by using your voice
Technology and Performance Live Coding

Performing Hannah Weiner's Code Poems

Read To Me

Drone Poetry

Personal Archives, Libraries, and Journals My digitized closet (inspired by Clueless)

A spreadsheet of the songs stuck in my head in the morning

A friendly neighborhood playlist

My record collection
Make a Beat
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